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Digital Transformation Within Your Reach

Technology Strategy & Consulting Services for Corporations

Successful digital transformation enables your company to make a positive impact. It helps you realize your potential by:

  • Aligning your core business functions
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Boosting your productivity
  • Maximizing your profits
  • Decreasing your costs

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what your company can achieve through technology.

We believe that your organization has what it takes to excel.

What Can we Do for You?

Change Management

Harnessing the power of people is key to any successful change. Not only will it ensure positive outcomes, but also help drive widespread adoption and acceptance.

Change Management

Change Management

Unlocking the power of digital technology to transform how you operate and deliver customer value with a strategic business overhaul.

Digital Transformation

Change Management

Ready to see your team reach its full potential? I’m here to help leaders unlock the necessary skills and determination needed for success! Let’s bridge gaps together so you can take charge of tomorrow, today.

Executive Coaching

Change Management

Tap into my knowledge to help businesses align teams! Whether it’s through keynote speaking, collaborating with business resource groups or corporate retreats – I deliver insights on technology, diversity management and leadership development.

Keynote Speaking

We help leaders find and refine their company’s vision.

Then, we create a roadmap of concrete steps to realize that vision.

Vicki Wright Hamilton

Founder and CEO

Led by founder and CEO Vicki Wright Hamilton, an executive technology consultant with 30+ years of experience, VHW Consulting is a strategy and technology consulting company focused on digital transformation, large-scale initiatives, and change management.

Vicki is on a mission to share the depth of knowledge she’s accumulated throughout a fruitful corporate career working with world-renowned brands as they advance beyond the confines of their existing strategies and into a new way of doing business.

In her quest for advancement, Vicki published a best-selling memoir titled Game Face: Corporate Success Strategies of a Trail-Blazing Tech Warrior. She also hosts two hit TV shows airing on several local networks nationwide, YouTube, and all streaming services: “Hidden Stories, Healed Now”, and “Strategic Minds: Making Money Moves” — where she helps entrepreneurs overcome their business challenges and increase their bottom line.

The VWH team is made up of management certified corporate strategists who provide you with technology strategy, transformational initiatives, and large-scale change management.

Vicki Wright Hamilton Consulting

Contact Vicki
Office Hours: 9am – 6pm EST (M-F)
Location: Atlanta, GA

When It Comes to Digital Transformation, the Sky Is the Limit

It’s time to stop limiting what your organization can accomplish. And I’d be honored to explore this path with you.

Book a consultation now to discover the possibilities of what we can build together.

Client Testimonials

“Vicki was an excellent Keynote speaker on November 7th, in the 2022 WATT (Women Advancing Technology Together) Summit in Equifax.

She enlightened and captivated the audience speaking about “Enhancing Global Diversity in Technology”, which is in complete alignment with our Summit theme “Growing – Enhancing Women and Men working in Technology Globally”.

“The passion that she has, the connections that she established with the Audience were extraordinary, as well as the interactive tools that she used during the session to keep the audience engaged

Her presentation also included future trends in Diversity & Inclusion which were very valuable and appreciated. It was a very research approach and outcome driven.

She is truly amazing! I strongly recommend her as a presenter.

Thanks for your great contributions Vicki.”

Alejandra Torchia

WATT Program Chair & Champion

“When corporate strategic relevance has finally been targeted as the desired board objective, I hope that you have already hired Vicki as your executive team leader. Her acumen and understanding are the makings of lore, her return on investment and impact on the bottom line is nothing less than market moving. Every Fortune 500 company has one such rising star at the epitome of it’s corporate governance and leadership. Transforming success would be an understatement. My highest, most gravitous and revered recommendation can only yield to the person and talents of one very impressive woman.”

Darryl Wilson

Aviation Management Mentoring & Mediation

“Vicki is the real deal. She is engaged, passionate and has excellent business acumen. We are so thankful to have her skills pointed toward our team and success. She has an amazing ability to get to the root of a problem quickly, ask the truly challenging questions and then collaborate to build inclusive, revenue building solutions.”

Al Otto


“Vicki is one of the best all-around toolkits that any organization, team or individual can engage. She and I have overlapped at more than one organization. We have been colleagues and she has been a vendor. Vicki’s unique skills include the fact that she has never wasted an experience – she rolls all of her experiences and learnings into the solutions that she suggests to colleagues and clients.

Her experience set ranges from Tech Stack to Occupational Development instruments to Change Management to Operations. Vicki has no ego. Rather she is invested in positive outcomes and stellar operating results. Vicki easily extrapolates trends from financials and handily suggests alternatives in schematics to support operations and functional alignment. Her counseling for individuals is personal, thoughtful, honest and compassionate.

Once you are part of Vicki’s tribe, she never forgets you. She is exceedingly professional, personal and proactive. Vicki is one-of-a-kind and any reader would be fortunate to work with her.”

Susan Scott